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Original Title: Arakawa Under the Bridge
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: TBS
Description: The main character of the series is twenty-two years old, and he is the owner of the largest company in the country. Thanks to a good upbringing, he adheres to the rule not to be due to Anyone. He does not use the inherited money and became a successful businessman on his own. The only defect in this strong immersion in the virtual world and hereditary asthma. Once he thought, falls from the bridge, he is saved by a young and beautiful girl. After reviewing it turns out that the girl is homeless and lives under this bridge. Ko wants to thank her, but her money is not necessary if he can figure out the cost of the choke. In order to save the guy she offers the hero to live with her and love her. And began To live under a bridge in place with the homeless, in the end it was not so scary, there's also live very good people.

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