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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Everything happens in Los Angeles in 1967. At the peak of popularity of the hippie culture. The air is saturated with freedom and permissiveness. People do not see anything wrong with free love and the use of light drugs. Sam Hodiak cruel and rude police, but he is a professional in his field, at the same time uses in his work any methods, just to get to the truth. Even if you have to break the law, it won't bother Hodiak, the main thing to catch the culprit. This time the help is required by his old friend, whose daughter disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Sam decides to get down to business, the more he will help a young partner, Brian Sheif. during search of the girl all possible suspects are checked. The investigation leads to Charles Mason, the leader of the family sect. He has a lot of talent and charisma that allow you to lure gullible girls into a trap. The cops have too little evidence to charge Mason, so they decide to go undercover. So they will be able to get more evidence and information that will help to get closer to solving a difficult case.

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