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Famous neurosurgeon Valerie Rosier, has achieved significant heights in their own difficult craft. But despite the success on the field, in the family life of the girl is not everything went smoothly. Unable to keep her husband, the couple divorced. With a woman there is only one son. Realizing that alone in a big city she will not be able to cope, Valerie decides to move home. In this area, even the clinic has where the girl and intends to get a job. In addition, the hospital is run by a former mentor named Wasserman. A roof over your head and employment allow you to start life anew. But, the events that begin immediately after returning home, do not leave hope for a cloudless existence. Here there is something sinister, concealing some secrets. Soon, the heroine of the series begins to understand that the mystical events associated with the tragedy that occurred a few years ago in this family. In an attempt to unravel forgotten secrets, a woman crosses the line of reality. In the circumstances, the girl suddenly realizes that she is granted the ability to healing. But what to do with the gift, it is a responsible ability?