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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Family
An exciting and dramatic story of a sweet, lonely girl, left without a family. From early childhood she had to understand how hard life. If she were a beauty, it would be much easier, but ... Thin as a cane, with reddish nondescript pigtails, always laughing at such. No one wants to adopt such a miracle of nature, however, Anne is not angry, on the contrary tried to learn to communicate with people. Her sincerity, charm and good are not contentious in nature has done its job, it stretched. The baby was adopted by an elderly childless couple, now our little girl lives with loving parents in an estate called "Green roofs". She's doing well, finally leading the life of an ordinary happy child. But time flies quickly and soon the child will grow up, how will her fate? If you want to see and learn everything.