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Paris,1879. An orphan girl dreams of becoming a famous ballerina. It is impossible to find a good school in the place where she lives now. She wants to improve her skills and learn to dance well. To do this, she leaves the provincial city of Britain in Paris. In the city she meets with the local homeless. Imbued with the idea of Felix to a better life, the guys show her a man from whom you can learn. They help the girl to get acquainted with him. She pretends to be another person and goes to class with this teacher. The future "Ballerina" wants to go to study at the Grand Opera. The Paris ballet school is a prestigious educational institution and its training is quite complicated.All the aesthetes and cream of the society of that time tried to come to Paris. It was a center of art and new entertainment. One of the audience's favorites was ballet. Felix tried very hard in the classroom, but her style was very out of the generally accepted canons. She tried to learn every day. However, the girl was the first time on stage and realized that does not meet the stated level. Then she began to train even more carefully. Hard training bore fruit.Once she got her Pointe shoes. When Felix put them on, she realized that they bring her ease and ability to dance. She has become dance much better, than before. And the choreographer decided to stage her production for the first time. The girl has perfectly fulfilled the room. But she soon realizes that her skills have become so great only thanks to the magic Pointe. Then the girl gradually began to dance Pointe without these. Later it turned out that it was not in special shoes. Felix is so well trained that she began to dance perfectly. "Magic" Pointe shoes became only a psychological impetus for the beginning of her career as a professional ballerina.

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