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Animated series "Friends of angels", which is interesting to watch online at any age, is very popular among fans of the genre. What does this project tell about and who became the main character here?in the series "Friends of angels" the main characters are Angels and Demons, who descend to Earth to learn their future work. The task of the angels is to guide people to good deeds and good deeds, while awakening the brightest feelings in them. Demons on the contrary needs to seduce mortals, causing them to sin.however, to learn how to seduce or guide people in the right direction, young Immortals have to enter the Golden school. Here, experienced teachers identify their talents and help them learn. The main character named RAF can not only fly at high speed, but also able to form fireballs with one effort of will. Each angel or Demon has his own talents and his own destiny.rn

Between the two clans is an endless war that turns into a regular clashes between the two camps. Also among the Immortals there is a rule according to which they should not touch their rivals in any case.however, the angel RAF breaks this rule at the first meeting with Sulfus, the same inexperienced demon who came To earth for training. During the fight RAF accidentally touches his opponent, but nothing bad happens after that. Between the main character and Sulfus love feelings arise. That's just like the relationship between the Angels and Demons are banned in the world of the Immortals, and the main characters know it.rn

the Weakness of the RAF wishes to use the immortal witch of the Rhine. Many years ago, she was imprisoned and put on a powerful sorceress magical chains. To break these chains is only capable of great blasphemy, such as the kiss of an angel and a Demon. Knowing that the feelings slowly developing between the RAF and the young Demon, unable to play her hand, the witch with dishonesty and deceit does everything to bring together the main characters.once RAF kisses Sulfus, the magical chains that bind Rayna will be destroyed and the witch will break free. Once upon a time, Rayna committed a huge blasphemy, an irreparable sin, for which she was punished. Having escaped on freedom, the witch will start revenge, and then not only Angels and Demons, but also the simple people who are not guessing about existence of Gold school can suffer.the school Teachers try to warn RAF and Sulfus, but their feelings are too strong. Soon it turns out that Rayna has information about the origin of the main character. It turns out that Raph was originally the mortal daughter of an alchemist named Malak, who turned the girl into an immortal angel. Now, Malak is a prisoner and slave of an evil witch, and the whereabouts of the mother of RAF and did not know anything. To find their loved ones, to understand their own past and present feelings for Sulfate, the RAF has to go into an Alliance with Rayna, which is causing tremendous problems for the Golden school.