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Original Title: Andromeda
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Global TV
Creators: Gene Roddenberry,Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Language: English
Description: In 9784, according to the chronology of the Commonwealth, the Nietzscheans revolted against the Commonwealth Systems, seeking to get rid of control and establish their own order. The war began, the outcome of which was to change the whole world. In order to prevent the victory of the enemy, to meet their fleet was sent to the cruiser of The star Guard of the Commonwealth "Constellation Andromeda" under the command of captain Dylan hunt. However, the most powerful vessel ever created by people fell into the trap of the Nietzsche fleet. Seeing no escape, the captain ordered the crew to evacuate the ship. The very same "Andromeda" with captain hunt was a prisoner of temporal anomaly on the boundary of the black hole in Vulcan. Soon Systems Commonwealth was defeated, however, the Nietzschean Empire has not been established. Since that time, the universe has plunged into darkness and chaos "Long Night". It took 303 years before the ship "Eureka Maru", under the command of Becky Valentine, was able to pull the once powerful Commonwealth ship from the orbit of the black hole. 303 years have passed for all the inhabitants of the universe, while only one moment has passed for Dylan hunt. Teaming up with members of the Eureka Maru crew, captain hunt embarked on a mission to rebuild the Commonwealth of Systems, knowing full well that this path to his goal will be long and difficult.

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