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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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A guy named Lee is the main character of the Korean drama. The guy is currently 18 years old and his great passion he considers computer games, he is just obsessed with them! Due to the fact that he spent much time at the computer, his grades in school declined sharply, which naturally noticed by his parents. At first, he concealed from relatives of the self-assessment and absenteeism. Every day, thanks to his own passion, the guy gave a lot of problems and troubles. One day, when my mother noticed his report card, she decided to change everything and move to the countryside. Thus, the parents of the teenager decided to influence the irresponsibility of the child. The mother decided to change the boy's life, to teach him values and rethink their own existence. At the new location the guy naturally, at first did not like. Rural life and nature were very different from what the main character was used to. But as soon as he met the village girl, a beautiful girl named Kim, he looked at life anew and the meaning of his existence changed dramatically. Heart fluttered at the sight of Kim, and he fell for her like a little boy, actually he was. But, as it turned out later, this person was very strange. But what was remarkable feature can be seen in the series.

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