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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
At the dawn of World war II, a young physical education teacher Vera Clayton receives a tempting job offer. Mr. and Mrs. Owen, who owns a Soldier's island off the coast, need a Secretary, whose services they are willing to pay adequately. Vera is alarmed by both the specifics and the place of work – she has never been a Secretary and tries not to approach the sea, with which she has unpleasant memories – but she needs money, and she reluctantly accepts the offer of Names.

rnOn Soldier's island Vera expect new discoveries. First, she is not the only guest of the mysterious Names. In addition to her, seven more people were invited to the mansion under various pretexts, including a young motorist, an elderly judge, a retired General and a Prim old Virgo – people who are not familiar with the owners personally and, at first glance, have nothing in common with each other. Secondly, there are no Onyms on the island, and the servants who run the house in their absence were given clear instructions to serve the Faith as well as the rest of the guests. Third, in the living room of the mansion flaunts a composition of ten statues, and on the wall of each room you can find a curious decoration – inserted into the frame of a children's rhyme about ten soldiers.

rnIn the evening of the first day on the island, eight guests and servants hired by the Onim in the same mysterious manner as Vera Clayton receive a monstrous answer to all their questions. An unknown voice on the recording, turned on by the servant in accordance with the instructions of the owners, reads the assembled convictions: they are all murderers who have not suffered for their crimes deserved punishment. Here and now, a voice carries out their death sentence, which will be carried out on the Soldier's island. Who actually gathered such a diverse audience on the island and how will this mysterious visit end?

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