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The television series will take viewers to the times when the first elite units were just appearing, capable of defending and avenging their patrons. Each new series will be dedicated to a particular state that existed in the ancient world. Even in those days, any ruler needed to adequately protect, that could at any moment come to help, that is why the leaders were interested in the education of a group of warriors who could with their lives to protect the honor and dignity of their leader. Each new series tells about the methods and plans of elite groups, because each new task is a new developed strategy. With this series, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the history of the formation of military power of such States as Greece, Byzantium, Japan. We will discover incredible and very mysterious secrets that have not previously been presented to the General public. And, of course, the audience will also get aesthetic pleasure, because the scenery and costumes of the actors will convey exactly the atmosphere that prevailed in the ancient world.

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