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Where to get Amnésia all seasons in english for free? We have Season 1 in 480p 720p 1080p HD.

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  • Genres:
  • Crime
  • Mystery
A young heroine wakes up one day from the fact that she feels some discomfort. And all because, it turns out, she slept in the back room of the cafe. Moreover, she suddenly realizes that she does not remember anything at all. The girl does not even know her name, what she does, where she lives and what kind of people turn to her. Strange that she sees a strange creature in a clown suit, which is in the air and tries to talk to her in a very strange and weird topics. But the main thing is not to lose self-control and try to find a way out of this situation. Soon a new flying friend of the heroine admits that she is guilty of memory loss. And all because of the fact that once in our space, he was captured by the girl's soul and trying to get out, erased her memory. Now the only way to cure - as much as possible to communicate with others, learn new information and re-lay it in my head. The heroine needs to hurry, because either she will return to their places, or turn into a vegetable. It is not necessary to choose and the girl with the new friend goes behind old - new knowledge.