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The fabulous world of the characters which often become key characters in science fiction films and stories, there really is. And almost all of its representatives live side by side with humanity, without bringing the latter no harm. Moreover, the people who heard about the neighbors with superhuman abilities, trying to destroy the inexplicable creatures. n

To protect the interests of goblins, hobgoblins and mermaids appear strong brave dragons, one of which is an ordinary American schoolboy Jake long. The boy was very surprised when the first time turned into a huge fire-breathing lizard and began to see themselves like entities from a parallel reality on the streets of Manhattan. But the teenager seriously considered assigned to him duties and honorably bore the title favourites. n

However, the strong and brave hero can't solve one question concerning his human life – Jake like a familiar, blond beauty rose, in whose company the student gets lost and forgets what he wanted to say. A little growing up, the characters begin to meet, and a couple of films American dragon watch online have to tell each other intimate secrets. The girl was shocked by the statement of the gentleman about his amazing ability to reincarnation. Alarmed her, and the fact that she belonged to a powerful family, since ancient times, specializing in the extermination of dragons. n

Contrary to the blood feud, the lovers make promises to maintain the relationship and find a way out of a confusing situation. Moreover, the leader of the group Hansman presents an ultimatum to a young follower: either it remains true to the family, or be exiled from the community forever. Rose hurries to collect all magical skulls of ancestors, to wish for what you want once and for all erase the memory of generations any memories of the Klan killers winged dinosaurs. Located during a magical ritual Jake confuses the card, first voicing a dream: to his beloved lived with his parents normal life. n

the power of the ancestors fulfilled his wish, only boy of his contemporary at the meeting did not recognize. And when the planet was in mortal danger, without the help Hansel not do. A huge Dark dragon, having gathered under the guidance of the myriad army of their own kind, ready to disturb the peace of mankind. The usurper wants revenge for the recent failure of the operation to take over the world, in which the key role played by the family of the protagonist of the film "American dragon". n

Jake tries to reclaim the memory of the beloved, but the efforts are futile. She even calls the police, fearing the intrusion of a stranger into her home. The turning point of the story is discovery, thanks to which the blonde manages to return all forgotten – photography lovers, found by chance, saves the day. Now Jake and rose are together again, and that means the enemy will have to forget about the insidious plans with which it hurries to the Ground. Thanks to the selfless defenders, understanding each other perfectly, the enemy will be defeated.

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