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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
If you want to get a shock dose of crazy humor, you should do the animated series " American Dad!"watch online. It has everything that supporters of such cartoons love: extremely unusual, interesting characters, a huge number of jokes (both decent and not too) and a well-thought-out plot that will entice even the most demanding viewer.

rnThe Smith family and their closest friends are at the center of the action. The main character-Stan Smith, without whom" American dad " would not exist. He's a CIA agent working on both deadly missions and paperwork. Conservative, perfectionist, zealous Catholic, and largely paranoid. His wife is sexy blonde (actually dyed) Francine. In her youth she was quite a daredevil rock concerts, MMA fights, orgies, it was an integral part of her life. But after meeting Stan, she settled down, becoming a model housewife and wife. Haley's daughter is the exact opposite of her father. Unemployed liberal, an ardent supporter of the "green", she is ready to do any stupid thing, just to annoy his father. Her younger brother Stephen. Disappointed sports dad – weak, cowardly nerd who all the free time to spend on computer games and comic books in the company of friends, such as nerds. But the house of Smiths home Klaus is a former German athlete, whose consciousness was transplanted into a goldfish. Now he is forced to follow the lives of others, often getting them silly jokes and secretly dream of a stunning Francine. Finally, Roger. He's an alien that Stan sheltered a few years ago for Roger saving his life. Now the alien lives with the Smiths, and to escape from pursuing his agents, forced to disguise themselves as a variety of people, with the help of dresses and wigs.

rnIt should be said-the life of the Smiths is not boring. First of all, thanks Stan. His paranoia regularly leads to the most unexpected results. Then he looks for Osama bin Laden in his kitchen, then thinks himself Noah and captures a huge cargo ship. Imagining that the whole world will soon die in a nuclear war, he harbors his loved ones in the woods, where he tries to take care of them (not too successfully). And deciding that Halloween should be really scary, he pulls out from behind bars the most terrible criminals and maniacs who get freedom in his house.rnRelationships in the family are often very complex, which is one of the key points for all the jokes in the cartoon. However, this does not prevent family members, so different in everyday life, if necessary, to unite to successfully cope with a variety of problems.

rnHumor in the animated series is not tolerant. The authors are not shy about going through racism, sexism, the rights of sexual minorities, drug trafficking, alcoholism, terrorism, cannibalism. But this is what gives the jokes a special originality, often causing the audience to laugh to the drop.