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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The incident, which is described in the story, happened in Los Angeles in 1994. The story began with the fact that on the threshold of their homes neighbors find beaten to death a woman and her friend. The evidence found by the police at the crime scene, testify against the murdered's ex-husband, Jay Simpson, a famous retired athlete and no less popular actor. Considering all leads, representatives of law enforcement agencies go to the suspect home and find nearby one more proofs which only confirm participation of the man in this incident. However, oddly enough, the guards are not in a hurry to blame the man.naturally, one of the main reasons for this police behavior is the popularity of Simpson and his occupation. In addition, another factor is that in court to protect the actor will definitely be some of the most reputable lawyers in the country. In addition to this, a national conflict unfolds in the city, as a result of which the opposing sides become real blood enemies. And the strange thing is that Jay Simpson himself is not against and even wants to go to jail for unknown reasons. But the police are not even going to make an effort to arrest him…

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