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  • Comedy
The characters live in the fictional state called Tajikistan, which is located in the former USSR. The country is rich in minerals and oil deposits. But in the capital of the state among the residents there are terrible riots and confusion. Due to the fact that many people know about the wealth of Tajikistan, they want to travel through a foreign land to enrich themselves. The British government has decided to send their ambassadors to the country to investigate the situation. They will have to see how work on their industrial base, which is located on the territory of Tajikistan. Most locals are afraid to stay in a country in which declared martial law and want to take refuge in England. Members of the government are ready to consider this issue and to support people who are in danger. To do this, they will have to review a lot of cases, which tells about the fate of some residents. And because of the too difficult situation in the state will come even members of the Royal family, because they are worried about the activities of their enterprise. So their subordinates need to have time to put everything in order and conduct a visit at the proper level...