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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
The plot of this animated film revolves around Amagi - an amazing amusement Park, which is the most popular in Japan. Due to the large number of attractions and beautiful, picturesque places, Amagi is considered to be the abode where young people often find each other, and then come to romantic meetings and passionate dates.However, now everything is turned upside down, and once the best Park was the most empty and rotting. And now the administration and owners of the Park want to close it, because it no longer brings the desired joy to visitors and income to its owners. In addition, someone let a terrible rumor about this beautiful place, which quickly spread to all the yards-it turns out now, the Park - this area that gives couples in love not moments of happiness, but years of suffering, because every couple in love after his visit is sure to part..But why did this happen? What happened to the once beautiful and flourishing place of entertainment? This intends to understand the main character named Kanie Seiya, a popular and kind young man. In addition, he simply has no other choice, because the girl from his school threats makes the guy get involved in this case..