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  • Genres:
  • Drama
Quite an intriguing story with an exciting and unexpected plot, tells the story of a talented and professional agent of specialized services of America, named Alex O'connor. The main character seems to be in the most terrible situation imaginable, living in those days when the strongest superpowers are at war, the main character decides to devote his life to the Motherland. Except that later finds out that his whole family: intelligent mother, dear father and the only sister was once recruited by Russia and they are still faithful to this country. This happened quite long and now it is time for their younger son - Alex. After learning the truth, the main character is in a terrible position - on the one hand he is devoted to his homeland, on the other hand he loves his family, which brought him up and gave a good education. And now the main character has no choice but to mentally estimate various options for the development of events. But at the same time he understands that whatever he did this action, it will still not be true. That is why Alex needs to find such solutions to get off with the least loss for himself.