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  • Comedy
Ten years ago, Claire and John Warren, the family had a tragic accident, missing their youngest son Adam. For deal have created youthful, but promising Sergeant Nina Mayer. After a brief investigation, the police were able to find out that the boy was kidnapped and killed by Hank - Warren's neighbor. The man was sentenced to life imprisonment, although the child's body could not be found.Time passed, the family life was adjusted. Claire became the mayor of her hometown, but did not stop there and now marks the place of the Governor of Maine. And that is ahead of the political race back home, Adam, long presumed dead. According to the boy, all these years he was kept locked up by a maniac who systematically mocked him. . Happy, Asher comes to freedom, however, is not so smooth as it seems at first glance. Career Mayer, built precisely thanks to trial about missing persons younger Chad Claire and John, now can fail in tartarary. And the relationship between the Warren is hardly close. Intrigues, scandals, treason envelop such a perfect, at first glance, family. And most importantly, it is unclear whether Adam is the same boy who disappeared ten years ago, and maybe it's someone's insidious game?..