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Supermen Nonhumans season 1 download - fiction Thriller. In the center of the plot-the vicissitudes that had to survive the Royal dynasty Boltagon. Representatives of the Royal family have incredible abilities. Representatives of this super race live on the surface of the moon, their monarchy is called Attilan.Following an ancient tradition, members of the monarch family hide the existence of their state from the human race in order not to bring confusion to their Kingdom and not to put it under the possibility of destruction. Meanwhile in the Royal family, passions. Blackagar rules the Inhumans for many years, but his style of government outraged some citizens, including his own brother Maximus. Maximus is young, but already dreams of ascension to the throne. There is one thing that prevents his ambitious plans: because of the harmful influence of gas, he lost his superpowers, turning into an ordinary person, albeit with high intelligence. There is another contender for the throne - the wife of a Chatterbox named Medusa - beautiful, insidious and ambitious. Not hiding his claims to the throne and her sister Kristaliya with the gift to manipulate the four elements. What will be the end of the confrontation between the monarchs of the race of Superhumans, who due to circumstances were forced to leave the lunar city and found refuge in earthly Hawaii?

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