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  • Genres:
  • Animation
Animated series tells about the usual and nothing remarkable swordsman named Tatsumi, which is decided on a rather risky and complex venture. And now a simple village boy has to keep his way to the capital of his homeland, in order to earn a little money to raise his village from his knees, or at least not to let the locals die of hunger, who with hope and trust collect the main character on the road. But when he reached his destination, Tatsumi realizes that he was brutally deceived, there is no beautiful and alluring capital, in fact, this city is mired in banditry, corruption and poverty, which generates more and more power himself Prime Minister. And now the main character takes on a great responsibility, he decides to fight this lawlessness. However, as you know one in the field is not a warrior, and the locals have long been accustomed to this way of life and it seems they are completely satisfied. Will the main character be able to find like-minded people and correct the situation, or will he have to return empty-handed to his native village, where everyone considers him the last hope and support?