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In the world so many secrets, mysteries, and anime "half-Man" watch online interesting because of them. The plot revolves around the mysterious people who for some reason gained immortality. They are absolutely indistinguishable from the ordinary population of the Earth except that they are almost impossible to kill.for the First time these immortal forms of life were discovered in Africa, on a military training ground. Having found out about the incredible abilities of half-people, the government of different countries began to experiment on them. Cutting off immortal limbs, removing their organs and exposing them to numerous experiments, doctors are trying to find out the cause of a strange phenomenon, working supposedly for the benefit of the world.

the Immortals called "adzin" suffer all over the world, but nobody cares, because people only want to find out the secret of their eternal life and become the same, to rise above the natural problem of aging and aging.


find Out whether you adzin. only one way — it needs to die. To own the death of a person can not guess about their affiliation to humans.rn

the Young man kei Nagai knows who azini, because their existence and characteristics of studies were devoted to the recent lecture at his University. Here only Kay could hardly have guessed that he is immortal. Once under the car, the guy had no chance of survival. However, he breathed his last breath and miraculously resurrected after a couple of seconds, getting rid of serious injuries.

Realizing that after learning of his abilities, the government will want to experiment on him, Kay runs blindly, wanting to escape from persecution and from his unenviable fate. He has to abandon ambition, from his home and familiar life, to be saved. The young man is trying to check whether he is really immortal, and all the experiments put by him, only confirm this disappointing fact.


the Only person kei can trust — his long-time friend Kaito. In a cruel world where the main value is considered immortality, everyone is capable of a crime, and anyone can commit betrayal. Together, Kay and Kaito begin to investigate the cause of the azins and their fate in the modern world. Kay has to hide all the time, because people who want to know his secret, ready to go to great lengths.Gradually it becomes clear that the azins are a new stage of evolution, creatures more developed than humans, but frightened by the surrounding cruelty. However, it remains unclear why some people have gained immortality, while others have been deprived of this amazing ability. That is, the Providence of God or just another oddity of nature? The key is to immerse yourself in the depths of the existing social and political contradictions, to save itself, and other adzinov from endless experiments and cruel experiments, simultaneously solving the mystery of his own immortality.

Anime series "half - Man" is a cruel story, which mixed drama and horror, analytical view of the cruel modern world and a melodrama about the ruined fate of a simple guy.

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