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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Action
The series begins with the election of a new Vice President, Natalie Maccabi, who, according to the press, received such a high post due to the death of her husband, who died in a car accident. After the oath-taking ceremony, the current President solemnly presents her with the key to the future residence, decorated with a Masonic sign and introduces her to the Governor Malcolm Millar.

after leaving the guests, once in his office, Natalie, interested in the inscriptions on the fireplace, finds him a castle with the same sign that is depicted on the key, turning that woman with surprise opens a secret passage. The Butler, who suddenly appeared behind our heroine, said that before her opened the greatest secret of the country. After passing through the secret passage, they were in a spacious study of history, which houses the world's only complete us Constitution, in which Natalie, to his great surprise, finds the fifth section of the second article, which is not in the usual edition. It refers to the fact that the Vice-President is given a secret agent, subject only to the direct orders of his immediate superior and no more, specially trained to perform particularly dangerous tasks to eliminate the emergency threat to the state.


Malcolm explains to his mistress that a faceless loner, disregarding the laws, can act where the CIA and the FBI are unable to cope. And now, acquainted with his new subordinate John Keyes, our heroine begins to understand what the true purpose of her position.

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