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What happens if you change history in the past. The world will be very different, maybe it will change so much that the planet will be uninhabitable. Why influence history and what benefits it can bring. In this series you will learn how important it is to be friends and stay together. If you have true friends you can defeat evil and restore justice. The main characters of the series are four young guys, but neither age nor the danger of the situation will not be able to stop the guys on the way to justice. Students enrolled in the Academy Sheldrake and quite accidentally become the witnesses of not quite normal incident. The instigator of all is a very advanced guy who has no equal in computer technology, he is represented by the name of the Hacker. This man with the help of computer technology wants to move into the past and there to change the course of history. Thanks to his skills and the program of Professor Krupnik he manages to carry out this dangerous movement. But disappears not only the program, and the Professor himself. Students of the Academy have no choice but to go in search of their teacher. The guys are doing the same way that the villain and get to ancient Rome. Why out will change the story characters do not understand. But they have an initial goal is to save the Professor, then all together they still try to protect their world from such computer geniuses.