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Where to get Adventure Time all seasons in english for free? We have Season 1 in 480p 720p 1080p HD.

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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Animation
  • Comedy
If you want a bit of fun, you have "adventure Time" watch online at our website. This cartoon tells the story about the Earth after nuclear war ("great war of the mushrooms") and the ensuing Apocalypse that destroyed the third planet. Earthlings mutated or hid, and appeared in the world of magic. In the cartoon "adventure Time" your eyes appear sometimes absurd characters: Princess Bubblegum, ice King, vampire Queen, Marceline, Princess Bubble Kingdom and other strange creatures. The main character, Finn, lives in the Candy Kingdom with his dog Jake. As a child he made a vow that saves everyone who is in trouble, and so the adventure and the name of the characters, not giving to miss them or the audience.

nSo, Princess Bubblegum accidentally flooded the world with the risen dead, and Finn have to deal with them, while maintaining the mystery of what Queen invented the serum caused them to appear. Zombie is defeated, but new problems are waiting for Jake to catch papercutst and need to find the antidote. And then there is the Snow King, who captures them in captivity, and after him – the book Enchiridion, which is not so easy to get and which desperately need Princess Bubblegum, and then a strange creature in the shape of a heart and named Ricardio, and the vampire Queen Marceline and the treacherous donut, deprived of magical powers, and a strange magician that turns people into giant legs, and stealing the souls of a vampire, and many others. The Kingdom is shaken by strange events: the dagger rains, strange horses with big eyes, a gang of evil gnomes, giants in the belly which rolled the whole holidays... Sometimes Finn has to face the fact that to help everyone, he swore he could not: too many of them, and their desires are opposite to each other.

Kings, princesses and other crowned personality don't let friends relax and rest: the ice King has a bad habit of stealing princesses and the desire to win the hand or even kiss Princess Bubblegum, Sweet King, though harmless, but very aggressive, Princess Bubblegum constantly chasing Finn and Jake on their orders, which puts them in other dimensions, in space and even in the land of the dead, Princess Berry is being attempted murderers, Princess Bubble Kingdom runs away from home because of problems in his personal life, Princess-Ghost can't find rest, and the Finn falls in love with the Fiery Princess. Wood also does not reach happiness: she is obsessed with apples, and their disappearance is a real tragedy! Finn and Jake can find adventure anywhere: in the library, on the tree, even in the pillow Fort! And Ice King writes fanfiction, creates computer viruses, and even is on the island-a woman. Finn is looking for his father and builds a tower into space, and Jake gets puppies that grow quickly and begin to learn of his life.

Finn and Jake are never bored and will not let you get bored. Each episode has its own story with a separate plot. Look at least one – and immerse yourself in the world of the absurd!