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The film " eve " describes the consequences of a random meeting of two people belonging to different strata of society. Bertrand managed to make a rapid writing career. His works were popular among readers and brought considerable income to the author. Thanks to his extraordinary abilities Bertrand became a wealthy and respected man. He continued to work actively, although the money earned so far could be enough until the end of days. An impressive list of bestsellers created by the writer, allowed him to take a long break, take a break from hard work, enjoy all the pleasures of a luxurious carefree life. People are used to continuous alternation of success and failure. He learned not to relax in moments of triumph, not to give up when difficulties arise.Previously, nothing could force the writer to radically change his views on the surrounding reality. Bertrand had no idea that the moment would come when he would be ready to sacrifice all his achievements for the sake of a single person. A strong snowstorm forced her husband to seek shelter. There he first saw eve. The young woman was a courtesan. A short conversation with a new friend was enough to Bertrand imbued with genuine passion. Now, for the sake of the opportunity to be close to the fatal beauty of the writer is capable of decisive actions. He is ready to sacrifice fame, fortune, reputation, even the feelings of loved ones. See the film "eve" and find out what caused the fatal passion.

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