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Until recently, the life of a pretty waitress Alice was absolutely serene. But at the moment when her boyfriend made her an offer, the girl had an accident, which resulted in a huge nail was right in her head. By some miracle the nail, having touched a brain, didn't cause serious harm to health of the heroine, but the problem is that her case isn't registered in medical insurance in any way, and to the girl simply refuse operation. Now Alice is forced to put up with the constant emotional outbursts caused by the trauma. In a heartbeat, she can to experience a strong anger and tilting with fists on surrounding, and in the next second in it is waking up rampant lust.Trying to rectify the situation and return to a normal lifestyle, Alice goes to Washington to ask for help from the young useless Congressman Howard Berdwell. The heroine wants not only to restore their rights, but also to protect all people who suffer from rare pathologies that are not included in health insurance. His arrival Alice changes not only his life, but also the lives of the people around her. It is a nail in the head helps the girl to take a fresh look at many things and understand what it really is.

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