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  • Drama
The TV show is immersed in the works of the most famous scientists, philosophers, engineers and even builders, all those who by the will of their profession and vocation sought to understand the nature and concept of the essence of cold. The program uses experiments, during which the lowest temperature was established with the help of which the latest "low-temperature technologies" were developed, which radically changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. In pursuit of the lowest temperature, many Sciences have faced each other face to face, of course, each of the representatives of a certain knowledge wanted to get their zero. But to date, the joint forces that have been applied to this problem have achieved the desired result, in which the electrical resistance disappears completely, which brings many of the works of scientists to a new level, plus with the help of absolute cold, scientists were able to find the extreme point of water viscosity, which brings this discovery to a new, more honorable level.