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Original Title: Absolute Duo
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: AT-X
Creators: Atsushi Nakayama
Description: Many Japanese from the very formation of the land of the Rising Sun believed that if you materialize your soul and your willpower together, you can create a real stigma. The protagonist Toor Kokonoe, smart and well-read young man has this feature, and he was extremely lucky, because it does not go to everyone, only one in a thousand can boast of its presence. Thanks to this gift, the hero was sent to the Academy called Koure, after training in which he would be helped to create his own - a unique and individual brand. In addition to the fact that there are taught to do right with their capabilities, in the same walls you can get knowledge about martial arts, it was them and visited by the protagonist. After Toora received his mark he was extremely surprised, because it didn't look as formidable and intimidating weapon, but rather as a shield with which to protect any who need it. But why his soul is not torn into a real battle full of adventure, but rather wants to defend and defend, but from whom? And, most importantly, who I Heard was getting all this knowledge, to whom he must help to defend and as soon as he realizes that before him is the one who needs it?

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