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With the development of high technology in the near future, talented Japanese scientists have developed unique devices that give their carriers incredible strength. Lucifel, as called by its creators, interacts with the soul of the recipient in addition to the skills and awakens in man the weapon – "Label" – by which a future soldier and will carry out a secret mission.rn

unfortunately, imperfect nanomachine yet available for use is only one of thousands of inhabitants of the planet. After injection, the vast majority of the subjects observed rejection of the invention and eliminated from the number of participants. Those lucky people whose body accepted the foreign object, go to a deserted island. Thus," Selection " they passed successfully.The koure Academy, located on a remote piece of land, helps pupils to cope with their duties, to learn the subtleties of interaction with Luciful and to learn to master the Mark perfectly. In addition, with repeated injections, human strength increases, as does the ability of weapons. So, for the benefit of such power will be used only when the native speaker fluent in it. The founders of the University say that graduates will have a chance to cooperate with the secret organization "Dawn", which helps official structures to monitor the order and compliance with the laws of the country.rn

the final test for the future of agents – a fight without rules, the results of which will determine the final composition of the new submission. Before the battle the group are divided into pairs – this is a special condition, because in the future formed now duets will remain throughout the lifetime of the "Dawn". After the trial, the young people will learn, fight, and even live together. Teachers are sure: otherwise it is simply impossible to create an ideal Union, to which every tandem should strive. The right reliable shoulder and immediate mutual assistance are the key to long – term cooperation.rn

Toora, Kokonoe, a key character in the film "an Absolute duet," dare to test your own strength and enrolled in the number of test subjects for the introduction of Lucifera. Capsule perfectly caught on, and soon the surrounding saw the mark of the hero.it is Usually a blade or sword, rarely an axe or a firearm. But what was found in the Tooru, struck the teaching staff and all students. The materialization of the soul caused by the injection appeared to the world in the form of a shield. The developers explained this case is a natural desire of the guy to protect the family and take revenge on the enemy, who caused so much trouble to the young man.an Unusual cadet immediately noticed a pretty girl with wide-open eyes and silvery long strands of hair among the applicants. She and has become his partner, together with which a bold young man has entered battle without rules and restrictions. Absolute Duo watch online as two strangers yesterday showed mentors and competitors amazing coherence in the battle and were able to break into the number of favorites.

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