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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
In the center of the plot of the series "Absentia" is FBI agent Emily Byrne. For the past few months, she's been hunting a ruthless maniac who was operating in Boston. She was sure that she was on the trail of the criminal, but then something completely unexpected happened: the woman was kidnapped.for six years, she was considered first missing and then dead. Maniac was soon able to catch, but about the matter Emily forgot. Even the husband of the main character found a new wife, who took up the education of a young son Emily.and now it's been six years, and random witnesses managed to find the missing FBI agent. Emily was found at the bottom of a tank filled with water. She's got amnesia that's been taking over the last six years of her life. Now the lost main character does not remember who kidnapped her, and why it was done.Emily has to accept that her husband is married and her son considers her stepmother to be his own mother. She has no family left, and then the FBI doubts the psychological health of the main character. After passing several tests, agent Tommy Gibbs, who took over the investigation into Emily's case, doubts her innocence. He believes that the woman somehow involved in the murders that occurred in the city.Knowing full well that she is being denigrated, Emily escapes. Now she has to hide in search of the truth. All the forces trying to recover the memories, all the more realizing that it really could be the killer, which were hunted.rn

And while the ex-husband of Emily of remorse due to the fact that he abandoned the pursuit, the woman wants to date a maniac. He spent many years in prison and may have been innocent. Emily should talk to a potential criminal, because of all the people on the planet, only he can answer the accumulated problems she has.Gradually, the memories of a former FBI agent start to come back, and they turn out to be truly terrifying.

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