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This story may seem strained, because everything revolves around one absolutely fantastic event that can happen to any of us, and especially when we are completely unprepared for it, and even do not believe in it. And deal was so: the usual (especially for Japanese cartoons) student Keiichi, the only love which can be called motorcycles, leader was coming order itself in room soba, 'm hungry, poor guy. But the heavens, or rather, the operating system of the Universe had its own reasons about this guy. As he dialed the number, as it was not a pizza delivery girl, a Norn, a goddess of Scandinavian mythology, by the name of Verdandi, Norn of the present, responsible for what is happening to us right now. She declared, that have lucky there is desire to, any, but one thing. Stay with me! - said Keiichi . …

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