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Boy and girl heroes of sci-Fi series the Cloak-and-Dagger season 1 download, learn in the same school, and at first glance is the only thing that unites them. They grew up in completely different social strata, they have no common ground, but their casual meetings at the meetings of the school Council soon grew into mutual sympathy and close emotional connection. It is not known what would have ended this relationship, if one day both were not victims of a traffic accident. The lovers were not killed, they were in the laboratory, where they were looking for ways to create people with superpowers. So the guys became test subjects, and came to understand that from now on their lives will change.After manipulating scientists happened to them the fantastic changes. The girl received the ability to emit light daggers, able to pierce any armor, the young man can immerse people in an impenetrable darkness. The heroes of the series are not at all happy with the acquired abilities, but it is impossible to abandon them. They run away from the scientists, fearing that they will always be their Guinea pigs". They need to learn how to manage their new opportunities, explore their potential and prepare to confront those who are looking for them. For their own safety, they are forced to stick together, because they are now bound by a common secret.

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