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The series is based on a series of children's novels about the adventures of three Baudelaire orphans, written by American author Daniel Handler. The narrative in the books is the name of the writer, but there he calls himself Lemony a Snicket. Just "the lemony Snicket " a series of 13 five parts: "a Bad beginning " three children – violet, Klaus and Sunny (a Sun) lost in the fire the parents, fall under the guardianship of the evil and dastardly count Olaf, who is trying by all means to kill children to get to the inheritance. Then he even tries to force violet to marry him, threatening her with the fact that she will kill her little sharp-toothed sister. In the "Snake room " they are transferred to the scientist studying the snake Montgomery. But good-natured Monty kills Olaf, who pretended to be his assistant and assistant. In the " Huge window " children find themselves in aunt Josephine's house. Strange aunt is afraid of everything in this world. Further, in " Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes "orphans have to work at the " Sinister sawmill ", where for each Board they are waiting for death and other troubles. Then "Savage boarding school " sisters and brother get acquainted with the triplets by the name of Quagmire, of which only two. But so they keep the memory of his brother who died in the fire. Together the Baudelaires orphans and orphans Quagmire hope to overcome all troubles and misfortunes. In the "Fake Elevator " their new guardians couple Squalor passionate about fashion, and not children. Once in the " Ugly town "Baudelaires fall under the guardianship of the whole city of Admirers of crows Or GP In the "Nightmare clinic ", they have to escape from enemies among the members of the group of Singing Volunteers - again G. P.The Heroes of the series "Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes " 2017 online had to visit the "Bloodthirsty carnival " in the form of carnival freaks. There they tried to catch the dastardly count, but he again managed all to hold and hide. On the " Slippery slope " violet and Klaus are looking for the kidnapped Olaf Sunny, which he hides on top of the mountain. They find a new friend, whom she falls in love with violet, his name is Quigley Quagmire – he escaped death the third of the triplets! He loves violet too. In the "Gloomy grotto " all three get to the submarine, where they reveal the secret of the sugar bowl. In the " Penultimate scrape " children are accused of a terrible murder... Their case is heard in the Supreme court. And there all it turns out. And "the End! "their ordeal comes to an end. But too many questions is not clear, so to put a point prematurely < li>< ol> the Main characters of the series "lemony Snicket: 33 unhappiness ": violet Baudelaire, the eldest, nicknamed Edison. Her isolette always help to get out of trouble. In love with Quigley Quagmire. Klaus Baudelaire is the middle brother. A bookworm, an intellectual, and a bespectacled man. His knowledge is also used for salvation. In love with Fiona Widdershins. Sunny Baudelaire, the youngest. Three years, sharp teeth that gnaw everything. Speaks in a language only violet and Klaus understand. Talented cook. Beatrice Baudelaire is a dead mother. Connoisseur of table setting. He has the skill of whistling Mozart with a cracker in his teeth. Bertrand Baudelaire is the father. Polymath, cook and inventor. The children hoped that he died... Count Olaf is evil and despicable cousin, the first guardian, who decided to pocket the inheritance of the children, which wants to kill them. Kills all subsequent guardians under aid its immediate entourage. In love with kit, Lemony. In The "End! "killed by a harpoon. Esme Squalor — is the sixth financial Advisor. One of the guardians of the children. Unscrupulous and loves only himself. She is only interested in fashion and enrichment. Helps Olaf. Died in hotel "Interchange " for a couple with Carmelita Spats. Isadora and Duncan Quagmire — two of the triplets, but call themselves the triplets because remember brother who died. Also orphans. Isadora writes poetry, and Duncan has the vocation of a journalist. Along with the Baudelaires survive adversity. Quagmire Quigley is a cartographer. The third of the triplets that turned out to be alive. Loves Violet. I met the Baudelaires at the Snow Scout camp. In The "End! "all triplets are absorbed by the Great Unknown. Jacques Snicket is one of three Snickets. Senior. He was killed by count Olaf, but Baudelaire was accused of his murder. Lemony Snicket Jr. Snicket. Devotedly loved and loves the deceased Beatrice. Once it has stolen the sugar bowl, which had inherited Esme Squalor. Is considered dead, but tries to help orphans and writes about their misfortunes. He plays music on accordion, hides from enemies, writes about Baudelaires, and in breaks he makes stuffed monkeys. Whale Snicket-the average of the Sneakers. She married Dewey Denomina. Participated in the construction of the submarine "Quequeg ". In love with her evil Olaf, who pulled her out of the depths of the sea, and kisses her. In The "End! "she gives birth to a daughter, whom she calls Beatrice, but then dies. Arthur PoE is a great good man, but also a great fool. Banker. He tries to attach Baudelaire orphans to various guardians. However, again and again falls on the bait master hoax count Olaf, despite the fact that the children are trying to tell him the truth about what is happening. No end of coughs and wipes with a handkerchief. He is married and has sons named Edgar and albert, as well as a sister named Eleanor. Netflix series Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes season 1 all series can be downloaded for free on our website at any time of the day!

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