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The story tells about the life of an ordinary family that has experienced terrible grief. After the death of his brother, twin sisters, decide that they have nothing more to keep together, because despite the overall similarity of the external, the characters and views on life of the main characters are completely opposite. After parting, each of the sisters begins a new path, which led to unexpected consequences. One of them is very well married and now she does not need to think about tomorrow, because her wallet is always full, and the Bank account is a decent amount of money. The second, on the contrary, was on the verge of bankruptcy. And she had to sell her last few things to survive. It seemed that fate had its own way and each of the sisters got what they deserved. If not for the case that forced the main characters to try on each other's skin, because they decided to switch places. And now we will watch as a millionaire every morning will have to get up to work to feed themselves, and her poor sister will Wake up in a luxurious bed and nothing to deny. What will come out of this and which of them will be more difficult? Will they be able to get closer after such an experiment or will they break the connection forever?