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Original Title: A.P. Bio
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: NBC
Creators: Michael Patrick O'Brien
Language: English
Description: Not so long ago, Jack Griffin was considered one of the best teachers of Harvard philosophy, but the situation changed after his place was taken by Leonard miles, and Jack himself was transferred to an ordinary school, and even a teacher of biology. This blow of fate Griffin did not expect, because now he was not in any prestigious institution. Besides, Jack broke up with his lover, and his nerves were on edge, so about any studies to think it could not. Jack only wanted complete rest, so he had time to think about how to defeat all his enemies, as well as to take a prestigious position as head of the Department of philosophy at a prestigious University. Suddenly all the answers to your questions Jack got in the teacher's lounge when I overheard a conversation between two colleagues. It turned out that some teachers have adapted to use children for their own purposes under the guise of the educational process. The teacher of drawing forced the children to draw her portrait and to distribute to the fathers, hoping, thus, to find to herself the rich groom. Another teacher, under the guise of environmental lessons forced students to clean the interior of her car. Jack realized that he could use children to achieve his goals. The students agreed to take part in his scams, and in gratitude Jack solved their problems, which could not cope parents and other teachers…

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Release date: 07/03/2019