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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
For all mothers their children are the most precious and important people in the world. And if a child happens to be some sort of trouble the soul of the mother hurts twice as hard. But what of the woman whose son is accused of killing the man. The main heroine of the series falls into a very difficult situation. Police near their home in the area, finds the dead girl, she's definitely someone killed. The worst thing is that her son is accused of the murder of the girl. In order to save the child heroine is conducting its own investigation. Every new circumstances not only not making excuses for the guy, but prove his guilt. What's a mother to do, how to resolve the internal conflict in the soul. What decides the woman to take the guy to the police and act like the mother or not to keep him out of prison thereby neglected their duty to the people and the country. This choice is the most difficult for her.