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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
During the Second world war, Zev Goodman was in a concentration camp, in which he not only survived a real nightmare, but also lost people dear to him. For many years he has been trying to forget about those horrors, but they are constantly chasing him and do not leave him alone for a second. Since the most horrific events has already passed a long seventy years, Ziv has already started a family, and now all is on a deserved pension and lives in a nursing home. Despite all this, he never managed to forget about the events of the past. And once the hero has a chance to get even with one of those who tormented him and thousands of other people.An old friend of Zev Max, went with him all the horrors of Auschwitz, took the trail of the former Nazi, who managed to escape punishment for all his terrible deeds. He moved from Germany to the United States, took the name Rudy Kurlander, started a family and now quietly lives out his years, nothing to repent. Max is confined to a wheelchair, so the initiative in their hands takes the throat. The hero is going to find out the address of the Nazi criminal and brutally avenge him for everything he did. To do this, Goodman, without telling anything to his family, goes on a journey in which he will have to go through a lot. But revenge is not as easy as the hero imagined.

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