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A funny girl with two pigtails named Lucia, from a poor family who lived before with her mother in a godforsaken village, suddenly appears on the threshold of one of the best modeling agencies in Buenos Aires. Appearance, I must say, this miracle is not deprived, which can not be said about education, the ability to dress, proper gait, and other things, without which it is difficult to be a model, even with such a beautiful body. The owner of the Agency, besides, the newcomer is not happy. She does not even suspect that her own daughter came to her, with whom they were separated many years ago. At the Madame, her name is cook, a serious relationship with Martin, which is not like her insidious sister Agatha. She decided all wholesale yourself to grab – point, and fiancé of his sister. And then Martin gets into an accident and loses his memory. All in one. But help is at hand.