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  • Genres:
  • Drama
On the subway line is the corpse of a man stabbed in the back. Such a picture of the arrival of the train saw a girl named Isobel, who became an unwitting witness. And that man was a policeman. And now the partner tries to understand this mysterious death and to find those freaks who made such. during the investigation, many facts not fair COP, but this had to close his eyes so as not to desecrate the memory of the brutally slain guard of the law. All witnesses of recent events are dead one by one. And the chief asks him not to get into all this dirt and cover up this investigation. But the partner can't calm down. He made a promise to the wife of the deceased that he would find and punish the murderers. The main character of the film-the Daughter of God 2016-wants to get to the truth. He tries to find a mysterious witness of the incident in the subway. But strange is going on with the witness and she doesn't know how it all to move.

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