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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
JT Neumeier is a Professor of physics and a brilliant scientist. One day he found a small suitcase, inside which there were materials indicating a brutal murder. The content of the findings was similar to that, if someone conducted their own investigation and all the evidence is kept in one place and were always with him. For example, in the suitcase Jay found photos of the murdered person, the bullet that caused the death, a small piece of paper on which there were names that most likely meant the suspected criminals. There were also small cut-out articles about the murder. And like nothing unusual in this, and it could be attributed to the police. However Jay are interested in the, that all, that he found in suitcase should happen only through five days. And the scary thing is that the victim in the photo is the physicist Jay. Of course, it may seem that this is someone's evil joke or that the man just worked and did not understand something. But literally in a matter of hours in his life everything goes as described in the materials he discovered. Now there is no doubt that all this is true. So how in such a short time to solve this mystery and prevent his own death...