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Paul Walker, known from the movies in the action fast and furious, Car number 19, in a Thriller a Few hours appeared in a very peculiar to him dramatic way. The role of a desperate father who tries hard to save his newborn daughter, defying nature, human endurance and common sense, gives the film a Few hours (2013) atmosphere really happening in the story. Very touching and selflessly transferred the actions of the protagonist, who is struggling with all the difficulties for the sake of saving the most expensive that he has. Events paintings a Few hours takes place in New Orleans in 2005, when the city with incredible force struck by hurricane "Catherine". At this time, Nolan's wife, Abigail, was taken away for surgery. Her pregnancy was very difficult, and the girl did not survive. On this day He lost his beloved and became the father of his daughter, who, because of her premature birth, can not breathe on their own. It is placed incubator, which is connected to artificial respiration. And while doctors fear for the girl's life, the elements begin to destroy the city with incredible force. A matter of hours (2013) is a disaster movie telling the story of a young father trying to save his daughter amidst the raging hurricane Katrina. All the patients were evacuated from the hospital, but Nolan stays with his daughter to keep her from dying. When the hospital is left without electricity, the respirator cannot function automatically. The only way to maintain its mechanical operation is to rotate the handle. Nolan has only three minutes to stop (this time the generator continues to pump air into the lungs), and then you need to continue to turn the handle. In that tiny amount of time, Nolan seeks help at the hospital, runs out onto the roof, and then returns to fight for his daughter's life. Nolan has 48 hours to save his daughter, not to die himself and not to give up, because at stake is the most precious thing he has left - his child.

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