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Original Title: 30 Degrees in February
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: SVT1
Description: The TV series "Feed the beast " co-produced by AMC and Lionsgate Studio, is a kind of adaptation of the Danish film "Bankerot ". The producers of the new television series, it was decided to do without the pilot series and immediately establish the production of ten episodes of criminal drama, the main characters of which will be two best friends. Tommy (David Schwimmer)-a wonderful sommelier, recently lost his wife and brings up the son of a teenager who is no different from other children, moderately hooligan, nevertheless, still sometimes brings his father quite big problems. He and his son sometimes can not find a common language due to different views on life. His friend Dion (Jim Sturgess) is considered one of the best chefs, but it does not add happiness to him, since he has a serious conflict with the local mafia, having a very telling nickname "Tooth fairy ". He owes him a tidy sum of money, which has long been unable to give. < li>< ul> here Tommy and Dion wanted, United, to do the restaurant business, which had long dreamed of, opening his own restaurant, while pursuing each its own goals. If successful, one can finally pay off the mafia and become quite free and independent person , tied to the criminal past, and the second hopes to improve relations with his son, thereby proving to him that he is not a loser and he does everything as well as possible. Like any new business, the restaurant business implies the presence of a person's concentration, sober mind and cold calculation, and neither the other nor the third friends do not have. However, they have an incomparable desire to achieve, by all means success, and despite all the difficulties and obstacles encountered in their way still open a restaurant, which they dream, will be the best in the Bronx.

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