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Original Title: 30 Degrees in February
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: SVT1
Description: From the first shots of the film we find ourselves in Bramford, a Catholic boarding school for girls. There comes a time of holidays, but not all students manage to go home at this time. Here are the two main characters of the Thriller "February": Catherine Cornish and her classmate rose. Every girl has her reasons. Night cat had such a horrible nightmare in which her parents died in a serious accident. Waking up, she first called her mother, but got only on the answering machine. Moreover, an electronic voice calls her... kill everyone at school. Catherine tries to tell the headmaster Gordon, but he calls the heroine not to worry and assures her that parents simply have an urgent matter, and soon they'll come and get her. In the meantime, she'll have to stay here at the boarding school. Rose also recently discovered that she is pregnant – with such news, the girl home and does not want to go and is specifically adjusts all, so to stay in school. From teachers remain miss Prescott and miss Drake. Discussing everything that happens between them, the girls decide to spend as much time together as possible, because their other classmate saw two teachers worship the devil, and rose is convinced that none of them on the body has natural hair. The situation is complicated the next day, when rose finds a friend in front of a burning stove in a trance...

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