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Great War-so, once, was called this war, later it gave number, but after the end of the First World people were horrified so, that them in head could not come opportunity a new carnage. For us, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the victors of the Second World war, the war would have erased, forgotten, eclipsed in the memory, stepping back in front of the nightmare the next. But still alive are those who remember what this war was for her contemporaries. How broke her family, and fate whether the fate of the ordinary American boy, or the daughter of Russian Cossack Colonel, ended his days in far Japan. As forced to give up everything that seemed important yesterday, and today was not worth such a great value as a piece of bread. As I removed the mask with panties and forced the heroes to put aside fear. Don't forget the Great war. One day she forgot and she came back again.