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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
In our near future again humanity had to go through another Apocalypse. A scientist is developing a dangerous virus, under the influence of which almost the entire population of the planet is dying. In the unit survived. And even they are forced to hide from the dangers lurking everywhere. People still hope to wait for the moment when peace and quiet will reign on the planet again, and the terrible virus will be defeated.Soon a group of scientists manages to invent a real technical miracle, with which it became possible to move in time intervals. Now there is a very real opportunity to go back in time to correct the situation. The choice fell on a certain James Cole, who is a former prisoner.the Young man is sent in 2015. James must find a scientist who was the culprit of the tragedy, inventing this terrible virus that killed almost the entire planet. Once in the past, the man met with Dr. Cassandra. This charming girl should help him cope with the mission. However, they soon learn that it is not so easy to find a scientist. Moreover, in order to eliminate the consequences of the epidemic, they now have to go as much as in 1940.

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