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Mini-series "11.22.63" introduces viewers to Jake Epping, whose life is no different from the life of the average American. He recently buried his father, signed divorce papers, teaches at school. From time to time he visits a small diner where he sells extremely cheap hamburgers, which is owned by El Templeton. One day Jake becomes a witness to how al just a few minutes becomes sick and decrepit old man, told him that terminally ill. Epping wants to understand what happened, but instead of explaining al asks him to go with him to his cafe and enter the pantry. Not wanting to argue with a sick person, Jake fulfills the old man's request and finds himself in the past.


al explains to him that after crossing the Rabbit hole (as he calls it), Jake finds himself in the past, namely in October 1960. He asks him to make this journey again to prevent the assassination of President John Kennedy. Al believes that it can change people's lives for the better, prevent many deaths, including the war in Vietnam. The disadvantage is that every time you go through the portal, the traveler resets the time. He is in the same minute and second as the previous passes. No matter how much he was in the past, in the present will take only two minutes, and that the changes are preserved — you can not go back. Therefore, he needs to be in the past until the mission.

rnal prepares all the documents, money and things for Jake so that he can fit into the world of the past. And although Epping doubts, still decides to try. It's hard for him to give up his usual life and go into the unknown, but the death of al, who did not wait for a "better" life, makes him a debtor. He goes to the diner and makes a fateful transition. A haircut, a new suit, a hat, and now he is no different from an ordinary man of the 60s. But his mission is important, and to fulfill it Jake must live in the past few years, until November 1963. Can he?

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