Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend download full movies

Original Title: Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Action
Production companies BBC Northern Ireland, Moonlighting Atlantis Productions, Erste Weltweit Medien
Language: English
Description: Paul Finchley has achieved everything he ever could have dreamed. As he enjoys one half of a wildly successful comedy duo in the UK not only fame, but also the popularity among the population. Paul makes people laugh and has earned its reputation as a National Treasure formally earned. After an awards ceremony, his life will change but abruptly when he is carried away by the authorities handcuffed and accused of sexual abuse.    In 1993 he is Rebecca Thornton raped. Even though Paul defends against the serious allegations and pleaded innocent, the following day a profound impact on his family. Whether his wife Marie and his daughter Dee can look him ever again in the eye? (MH)    Main characters from the end of a legend Paul Finchley (Robbie Coltrane) loves the spotlight to stand and make people laugh. After the recent incidents, however, he wants nothing more than to sink into the ground.    Marie Finchley (Julie Walters) is Paul's wife and a devout Catholic. Your entire life consists of her family and the Church. One of these ingredients should be shaken to its foundations.    Dee Finchley (Andrea Riseborough) never had it easy as the daughter of Paul and Marie. it is constantly in the public eye eventually lost in a quagmire of drugs and never come out again.    Rebecca Thornton (Kate Hardie) collects the charges against Paul and claims that he raped her. Paul knows that Rebecca is part of a dark chapter of his life. (MH)

Atlantis: End of a World, Birth of a Legend

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